Articles | Volume 12, issue 2
01 Aug 2009
 | 01 Aug 2009

A new Cenomanian (Late Cretaceous) coleoid (Cephalopoda) from Hâdjoula, Lebanon

D. Fuchs and R. Weis

Abstract. A new vampyropod coleoid from the late Cenomanian limestones of Hâdjoula (north-west Lebanon) is described. Glyphiteuthis abisaadiorum n. sp. is classified as a representative of the Trachyteuthididae, mainly on the basis of its general gladius morphology. It represents the fourth species of its genus and the second species of its genus recorded from Hâdjoula. Glyphiteuthis abisaadiorum n. sp. differs from Glyphiteuthis libanotica in having a more slender gladius. Additionally, the arms are considerably longer in Glyphiteuthis abisaadiorum n. sp. than in Glyphiteuthis libanotica.