Articles | Volume 20, issue 2
Research article
17 Jul 2017
Research article |  | 17 Jul 2017

Classical and new bioerosion trace fossils in Cretaceous belemnite guards characterised via micro-CT

Max Wisshak, Jürgen Titschack, Wolf-Achim Kahl, and Peter Girod

Data sets

3D-PDFs and OBJ files of micro-CT scans M. Wisshak, J. Titschack, W.-A. Kahl, and P. Girod

Short summary
The ongoing technical revolution in non-destructive 3-D visualisation via micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) finds a valuable application in the studies of bioerosion trace fossils, since their three-dimensional architecture lies hidden within hard substrates. Selected examples of such cases are illustrated by reference to bioerosion trace fossils preserved in Late Cretaceous belemnite guards from the European Chalk Province, including the description of two new trace fossil ichnospecies.