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Research article
23 Jan 2015
Research article |  | 23 Jan 2015

Facies, origin, and palaeontological inventory of an Early Carboniferous neptunian dyke in the Devonian reef limestone near Rösenbeck (Brilon Anticline, Rhenish Mountains)

F. Heuer, D. Korn, Z. Belka, and V. Hairapetian

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The Devonian reef limestone complex of Rösenbeck near Brilon (Rhenish Mountains) shows numerous neptunian dykes and other hollows which have been filled with Carboniferous siliciclastic as well as fossil-rich carbonate sediments with ammonoids, conodonts, and chondrichthyan fish. These carbonates represent erratic blocks of sediments which were deposited in elevated areas but subsequently eroded and transported as erratic blocks into the karstic cavities.