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Foss. Rec., 21, 11–32, 2018

Special issue: Secondary adaptation of tetrapods to life in water...

Foss. Rec., 21, 11–32, 2018

Research article 16 Jan 2018

Research article | 16 Jan 2018

Description of the skeleton of the fossil beaked whale Messapicetus gregarius: searching potential proxies for deep-diving abilities

Benjamin Ramassamy et al.

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Extant beaked whales perform deep dives to forage for squids. We studied the morphology of the fossil ziphiid Messapicetus gregarius to evaluate its ability to perform such dives. Our analysis suggests an enlargement of the pterygoid sinus system in deep divers. In M. gregarius, the pterygoid sinus is enlarged, but other lines of evidence indicate that the coastal environment also represented an important part of its home range.