Articles | Volume 21, issue 2
Foss. Rec., 21, 223–236, 2018
Foss. Rec., 21, 223–236, 2018

Research article 11 Sep 2018

Research article | 11 Sep 2018

Quantitative analysis of suture lines in Carboniferous ammonoids

Michael Wegerer et al.

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Two morphometric methods are applied for the analysis of suture lines in Early Carboniferous ammonoids: (1) classic metric data using multivariate statistic methods and (2) outline data are analysed using the elliptic Fourier analysis. Both methods lead to similar results and demonstrate ontogenetic and phylogenetic trends in these ammonoids: (1) a general decrease in the amplitude of lobes and saddles, (2) a proportional widening of the external lobe, and (3) a heightening of the median saddle.