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28 Mar 2018
Research article |  | 28 Mar 2018

A new pachyrhizodontid fish (Actinopterygii, Teleostei) from the Muhi Quarry (Albian-Cenomanian), Hidalgo, Mexico

Gloria Arratia, Katia A. González-Rodríguez, and Citlalli Hernández-Guerrero

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On a remarkable new species of Tharsis, a Late Jurassic teleostean fish from southern Germany: its morphology and phylogenetic relationships
Gloria Arratia, Hans-Peter Schultze, and Helmut Tischlinger
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Scale morphology and specialized dorsal scales of a new teleosteomorph fish from the Aptian of West Gondwana
P. G. Giordano, G. Arratia, and H.-P. Schultze
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New remarkable Late Jurassic teleosts from southern Germany: Ascalaboidae n. fam., its content, morphology, and phylogenetic relationships
G. Arratia
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Short summary
A new species of a group of extinct fishes with a worldwide distribution during the Cretaceous, about one hundred million years ago, is described. Motlayoichthys sergioi is an outstanding fossil fish from Mexico with unique characters within the Pachyrhizodontidae. This fish is part of a diverse fauna found in a limestone quarry in Central Mexico. The goal of this paper was to contribute to the knowledge of the family and to continue the study of the Muhi Quarry fish, endemic to Mexico.