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Volume 17, issue 1
Foss. Rec., 17, 1–32, 2014
© Author(s) 2014. This work is distributed under
the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
Foss. Rec., 17, 1–32, 2014
© Author(s) 2014. This work is distributed under
the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Research article 20 Feb 2014

Research article | 20 Feb 2014

A morphometric approach to conch ontogeny of Cymaclymenia and related genera (Ammonoidea, Late Devonian)

C. Klein and D. Korn

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Quantitative analysis of suture lines in Carboniferous ammonoids
Michael Wegerer, Kenneth De Baets, and Dieter Korn
Foss. Rec., 21, 223–236,,, 2018
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Morphology of the Early Jurassic Arietitidae and the effects of syn vivo serpulid infestations
Michael Ramming, Dieter Korn, Carina Klein, and Christian Klug
Foss. Rec., 21, 67–77,,, 2018
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Latest Permian carbonate carbon isotope variability traces heterogeneous organic carbon accumulation and authigenic carbonate formation
Martin Schobben, Sebastiaan van de Velde, Jana Gliwa, Lucyna Leda, Dieter Korn, Ulrich Struck, Clemens Vinzenz Ullmann, Vachik Hairapetian, Abbas Ghaderi, Christoph Korte, Robert J. Newton, Simon W. Poulton, and Paul B. Wignall
Clim. Past, 13, 1635–1659,,, 2017
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Late Viséan (late Mississippian) ammonoids from the Barnett Shale, Sierra Diablo Escarpment, Culberson County, Texas, USA
A. L. Titus, D. Korn, J. E. Harrell, and L. L. Lambert
Foss. Rec., 18, 81–104,,, 2015
Facies, origin, and palaeontological inventory of an Early Carboniferous neptunian dyke in the Devonian reef limestone near Rösenbeck (Brilon Anticline, Rhenish Mountains)
F. Heuer, D. Korn, Z. Belka, and V. Hairapetian
Foss. Rec., 18, 57–72,,, 2015
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Taxonomy and biodiversity
The first record of Brentidae (Coleoptera) in Eocene Rovno amber with description of a new fossil species of Toxorhynchus Scudder, 1893
Andris Bukejs and Andrei A. Legalov
Foss. Rec., 23, 169–177,,, 2020
An unfamiliar physeteroid periotic (Cetacea: Odontoceti) from the German middle–late Miocene North Sea basin at Groß Pampau
Irene Montañez-Rivera and Oliver Hampe
Foss. Rec., 23, 151–168,,, 2020
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A revision of Ophidiaster davidsoni de Loriol and Pellat 1874 from the Tithonian of Boulogne (France) and its transfer from the Valvatacea to the new forcipulatacean genus Psammaster gen. nov.
Marine Fau, Loïc Villier, Timothy A. M. Ewin, and Andrew S. Gale
Foss. Rec., 23, 141–149,,, 2020
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Two new species of Mennerotodus Zhelezko, 1994 (Chondrichthyes: Lamniformes: Odontaspididae), from the Paleogene of the southeastern United States
David J. Cicimurri, Jun A. Ebersole, and George Martin
Foss. Rec., 23, 117–140,,, 2020
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Description of the male of fossil Calomicrus eocenicus Bukejs et Bezděk (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae) from Eocene Baltic amber using X-ray microtomography
Andris Bukejs, Jan Bezděk, Vitalii I. Alekseev, Kristaps Kairišs, and Ryan C. McKellar
Foss. Rec., 23, 105–115,,, 2020
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